Our dictionary- here are the most important terms and those, which need a little explanation :)

Quertes in an application which allows you to sell and buy homemade meals. It is a platform where everyone can find something tasty!

Chef- is a person who cooks really great and decides to share homemade meals with our Application users.

Foodie- is a person who loves homemade food and places order to pick up or have delivered meals made by our Chefs not needed

Meal- in our Application Meals are always homemade! Our Chefs sell them as an Offer or as a Menu. Definitely worth trying!

Offer- is a Meal, which Chefs decides to share. Offer is an item that is added and made for someone on demand. All the details regarding price or time of delivery are settled via QMessage between Chef and Foodie.

Menu- is a set of Meals that Chefs share. Meals on the menu have time restrictions. Meals can be shared today before 12 pm, after 12 pm, tomorrow until 12 pm, tomorrow after the 12 am and the day after tomorrow.

QMessage- is our internal messenger, which allows contact between Chefs and Foodies. In the case of Menu, the function of QMessage appears right after placing an Order by Foodie. To order some Meal from the Offers, QMessage is necessary from the beginning.

QR Code- It is a code you receive after placing an order. Under the QR Code is your transaction code, which entitles you to receive your order. The QR scanner is already a part of our Application, so you don’t need to download a different one.

  1. Information about us
    1. Quertes (“We”, “Us”, “Platform”, “Application”) is an Application and website, where users (Foodies) are able to purchase, pick-up or have the meals prepared by local chefs delivered.

    2. Currently we are operating in New York City, London and Poland. However, we will be expanding to the cities near you.

    3. The role of Quertes is limited to bringing Foodies and Chefs into contact with one another. Quertes does not sell any meals. Chefs registered on Quertes work independently to provide homemade meals using the Quertes app.

    4. The Application is made available free of charge.

    5. Quertes reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions from time to time. Any modified version of the Terms and Conditions will be available on the Platform. Quertes also reserves right to modify the Application’s functionalities.

    6. We do not guarantee that the Application, or any of its contents will always be available or be uninterrupted or that any content on it, will be free from errors.

    7. To fully use Application, you need to ensure that your mobile device phone has an Internet connection.

    8. Quertes Application is only available on mobile devices with Android (version 4.4-6x) or IOS system (version 8.2-9x) the Application may be downloaded from the App Store or from Google Play.

  2. Contact
    1. We will be available to solve your problems with orders or service. Feel free to contact us anytime via application or email.

  3. Registration
    1. In order to register use your email, Facebook or Twitter account and accept our Conditions and Terms.

  4. Creating a Profile

    By creating Quertes Account, you agree to provide accurate and complete account information, maintain the security of your password and accept all risks of authorized access to your Quertes Account.

    1. How do I create my profile?

      Creating a profile and providing contact information is necessary. You will be asked to create a profile and log in before placing your first order. In order to share food Chefs have to create a profile in our Application and insert contact information. As a Chef you can add more than one address, for example it can be your home address and the address of your office. You can always edit them. Make sure to add your credit cards information -your credit card number, the expiration date and the CCV code – that will allow you to sell and purchase meals. You can add more than one credit card. Add also your photo. Remember, that for Chefs, adding a profile photo is obligatory. Also note, that if you decide to join us via your Facebook or Twitter account, the photo and some information will appear automatically.

    2. Can I edit my Profile?

      You can edit your profile by clicking on “Profile” bookmark. Just remember, that your name, last name, e-mail, phone number, address (at least one) and your credit card details are always required and you can’t leave empty blanks.

    3. Can I delete my Profile?

      If you want to delete your profile, we are very sorry to hear that! But if you are certain to do that, you have to click on “Delete Account”. Once you delete your Profile, you can create it again, but you won’t have an access to your old data.

    4. Security & Password

      If the Login Information is forgotten or misused by a third party, you can request resetting your old password and create a new one using the Platform. In case your identity gets lost or stolen by a third party, please notify us immediately via email.

    5. What happens if I forgot my password?

      You will be able to reset your old password and create a new one using your email address.

    6. Can I change my password?

      Yes, in order to change your password go to the “Profile” bookmark, and then “Change my password”.

    7. As for now, the only available language is English and Polish. Every country in which Quertes Application will be available, will have its own language version.

    8. I’m not 18. Can I create a profile and order/make food on Quertes?

      Yes you can, but only if you have more than 13 years old and only with your parents or your legal guardian’s consent.

    9. Are my Profile Information secure?

      Yes, your Profile Information are secure and confidential. However, your personal information will become available for the user that you made transaction with.

  5. Chef Questions
    1. Can everyone become a chef?

      The only criterion are the cooking abilities. If you can cook (or bake) really good and everybody can’t wait for your delicious meals- Quertes is an ideal place for you!

    2. What is a difference between Menu and the Offer?

      Menu contains meal with time restrictions. You can add an item you want to share it now, today before 12 am, today after 12 am, tomorrow until the 12 am, tomorrow after the 12 am and the day after tomorrow. Offer is an item you add and make for someone upon request, setting all the details with your clients, such as time of the collection or delivery.

    3. How can I create my Menu?

      There are meals in your Menu that you want to sell via our App, giving some time restrictions. In order to create your profile go to the Menu section. Here write a name of the meal you are offering, match it with its category (Chinese, Italian, Vegan etc), write size of the meal, give a price, state how many portions you want to sell and in which hours they are available. Also, choose an address from which the Foodie is to pick up the meal or choose the delivery option. Remember, that as a Chef, you acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for all Meals you offer. Please, try to prepare them exactly how described and how they look at the photo.

    4. Can I edit or change something in my Menu?

      Yes, you can edit your offer by clicking at the offered meal and tapping “Edit dish”. You can edit description, availability and a photo. You cannot edit the price and the localization. Remember also, you cannot edit your meal if someone purchased it and is waiting for the collection.

    5. Can I delete my Menu?

      Yes, you can delete your items in Menu by tapping the specific dish and using the appropriate button. Please notice, that if you want to delete an item from your Menu, but someone purchased it and is waiting for it, you are obligated to make the collection. After that, there is such a possibility.

    6. How can I add a photo to the item in my Menu?

      You can add a photo by choosing one in your photo gallery or taking it with your phone camera.

    7. Can I take a good photo if I don’t have a professional camera?

      Sure you can! Try to remember, that people are visualizers and want to order something that looks beautiful. To take a good picture, you try to follow these rules: the most important is daylight. Never use a flash (!), make sure that background is appropriate, experiment a little with the composition and the arrangement and try to find the best perspective. Our Application lets you to frame and turn your photo, and also gives you a possibility to use some filters, to make your photo look better. To find out more, how to take a super tasty photo, go to our “Chef’s Guide”, where you can read more.

    8. What is an “Offer”?

      Offer is a List Of meals that you can prepare upon request without time restriction. You can add here meals, cakes or whatever you are willing to do for someone on demand. The details like a date or price have to be decided between Chef and Foodie using QMessage.

    9. How can I create my Offer?

      You can create offer the same way as a menu and mark it as “Sell as Offer"; The Offers are stable, without any time restrictions. To create an Offer, add your meal’s photo (from a gallery or use your camera). You need to name it, assign category, describe the size of the meal, give a price, and write how many portions you want to sell.

    10. How can somebody order something from my Offers?

      Foodie can order your Offer simply by communicating you via our QMessage. During the conversation with Foodie, you need to reach an agreement with each other, meaning: agreeing on price, quantity, date and the address of collection/delivery. Via our QMessage, you can also set other, more peculiar details of your order. Based on your conversation, you need to sum it all up and send to your customer, who will then accept or reject it.

    11. Can I edit my Offer?

      Yes, you can edit meals in your Offer, but only if no one has purchased your meal and is not anticipating it. Then, if no one made an order, you are able to edit your Offer. Just remember to fill all the blanks required and remember about adding a photo!

    12. Can I cancel my Offer?

      Yes, you can cancel meals in your Offer, but only if no one currently ordered it. If so, you are required to make the meal and the receipt happen, and then you can delete what you’re offering. If you are not sure about cancelling your Offer, you can hide it and re-activate when you feel like it.

    13. I posted something as a Menu. Can I change it and make it an Offer?

      Yes, you can do it by editing your dish and clicking “Move to Offers”. In the same way, you can also make an Offer your item in Menu.

    14. How many dishes can I post on Quertes?

      There is no limit! You can add as many, as you want.

    15. Can a professional chef post on Quertes?

      Yes, sure! We are open to all food lovers, regardless of their profession or education. As we say, the most important are cooking abilities and passion!

    16. Can a caterer sell dishes on Quertes?

      Yes, sure. We are an open-minded community that welcomes everybody who loves to cook, eat and share. As we say, the most important are cooking abilities and passion!

    17. What can I see in the “Statistics” section?

      The chef has access to the “Selling Manager” and to the statistics regarding all fulfilled orders. In the “statistics” section you can check and control the number of fulfilled orders, number of meals that have been made, the income and the average income of your orders.

    18. Is the price of the meal I want to sell totally up to me?

      Quertes does not participate in setting a price. There is no minimum and maximum price. The price is totally up to you. In Quertes you are your own boss.

    19. What can I do about an unfair or bad review?

      Quertes does not have an influence on posting the comments. We cannot edit or delete any of them. If you don’t agree with the received review, you can respond to it. Your response will be publicly visible. However, if by “bad review” you mean the one concerning the Prohibited Activities), let us know immediately, contacting us via Application or write us an email at: help@quertes.com

    20. Add also the collection option you prefer.

      - Your customer picks it from place of your choice

      - You deliver it to other destination.

    21. Can I sell on Quertes food like cheese or honey I make?

      Yes, sure you can! You can share everything you make homemade!

    22. Can I sell on Quertes fruits and vegetables I grow?

      Yes, sure! Feel free to post items like those on Quertes!

  6. Foodie Questions
    1. How can I find the meals in Application?

      After entering the Application, you will see the photos of what our Chefs are currently offering. In the main window, you can select between an Offer or a Menu. If you are interested in an item just click on it and you will see all the details: gallery, category, description, price, availability, and you will be able to check out profile and find more about him. If you are really love something or just find it interesting, you can share on in your social media accounts!

    2. Do I have to share my location?

      If you won’t let your device to share your location, we will not be able to filter the dishes next to you? For you. It means, that you will not see the offers that are close to your addresses given in your profile. Unless of course, you want to see what you can eat 200 km away from you :)

    3. I don’t want to see all the Offers. Can I filter them somehow?

      You can filter Offers by: categories (for example: Asian food or Italian); a date (as soon as possible), today before 12 am, today after 12 am, tomorrow until the 12 am, tomorrow after the 12 am and the day after tomorrow); via address (via distance from the address you chose), by the price and by the option of delivery or pick up. Once you have selected the meal you want to order from the menu shown in the Application, just click on it and you will be given the opportunity to submit your Order.

    4. How do I make a purchase?

      When you chose the meal you wish to order and you click at the Offer, you will be asked to log in. Then, you will be asked to choose the number of portions (you see how many are available- you cannot choose more than that). Specify your location and the payment method. Once everything is accepted you will be shown the summary of your order- number of portions and your cost. The next step is to confirm all the information and the transaction will be made! TO learn how the receipt works, go to the “Receipt”).

    5. Can I somehow contact the Chef?

      Yes, we have our QMessage! When using Menu QMessage is activated automatically after placing an order. Then you can exchange messages with your Chef. In the case of the Offer, you need to contact Chef to make order available. Start a conversation with the Chef, offer a time and a price for the transaction.

    6. Can I write a review after receiving my meal?

      After making a purchase you can (and should!) write a review regarding the Chef and your meal. Besides the comment, that will be publicly shown and visible for other users, there is also a five-star system, in which one star means that you weren’t happy and the” five stars” is the highest “grade” our Chef can get. It means that the meal was spectacular! Your comments will help all our users, so please be honest in your reviews.

    7. After placing an order, can I cancel it?

      There are two possibilities. In the case of Menu, we have quite strict restrictions. Due to the fact that the meal is already made, you cannot cancel your order. So even if you will not pick up your meal, the costs will be collected from you. In the case of Offer, you are able to cancel your order maximally 48 hours before the planned collection and you will not be charged for it.

    8. What happens if Chef won’t fulfil my order?

      If for any reason your Chef is unable to fulfil your order you will not be charged for it. Remember also that sometimes unpredictable things, like a disease happens,- everyone is a human :)

    9. How does Quertes control and approve Chefs?

      We are an open place for all cooks than want to join us. We expect our Chefs to give us true information. Moreover, what gives you certainty that Chef is good and trustworthy are the reviews and our rating system. So never forget to write a comment about your Chef- by doing that, you are helping other users. We care and pay attention to all the items that are put on sale on our Platform. We want everything to be the highest quality it might possibly be. We will not allow the bad quality items to be shared via our Application. So if you have reservation about something, please, let us know immediately.

  7. Payments
    1. There is no charge to register with us, create a Quertes Account, use our Website or download our Application on your device.

    2. How do payments work if I’m ordering something?

      You can only pay by using a PayPal account or a debit/credit card. All the transactions are made only via our Application. The credit card that will be used is the one you chose and submitted during creating a profile. You can add to your Profile more than one card, and when placing an order, you will be asked to choose the one you want to use. When your payment is not authorized, we will notify you right away and ask to choose other methods of payment.

    3. Can the price change, without my knowledge, after placing an order?

      No. After placing an order, a price cannot change.

    4. When will I get my payments, if I’m a Chef?

      Usually, you get your payments once in two weeks, if you made minimum 50$. However, if this is too often for you, you can choose other option and get your payments less often- it’s up to you! If you want to pay out your money, you will be charged with some costs.

    5. How does Quertes manage my money?

      Quertes does not store any of your bank account information. Your bank account details are encrypted and sent to our payment processor. Our payment processor maintains bank-level security of all data and complies with all data protection and privacy laws.

    6. Is my bank information 100% secure?

      Yes, with us your bank information are secure. Our payment processor maintains high bank-level security of all your data and complies with all applicable state and federal data protection as well as with privacy laws.

    7. Do you commission any fee?

      There is no hidden fees or cost. For Foodies using our App is 100 % free. Placing meals for sale in also free of charge. We only charge 14 % commission of completed transaction. There are no more costs.

  8. Delivery
    1. How does delivery work?

      A Chef can offer a delivery service, provided by himself. Chef, during creating his offer can choose the delivery option, choosing the area in which delivery is available.

    2. Time of delivery

      The time of delivery is set by a Chef. If you have any questions, you can talk with your Chef via QMessage.

    3. Additional costs

      The cost for a delivery is set by a Chef.

  9. Complaints
    1. If you didn’t like your meal, please give us a feedback by rating your Chef and by leaving a review via our Application. These Comments are important for us and for other members of our community, so if you are not satisfied with the service, please do not hesitate to write it in your comment.

    2. If you are entirely unsatisfied with the quality of the Meal and you wish to seek a refund, please contact us via the Application right after receiving your Order. We take every complaint, which cannot be resolved between Chef and Foodie very seriously.

    3. How can I report a complaint?

      To report a complaint, make a photo of the meal from which you are not satisfied with, write why you are giving a complaint and let us know by sending a message.

    4. When will I get my refund, if my complaint was right?

      If your complaint was right and the decision on our side was made, You will receive a refund within 72 hours.

  10. Reviews
    1. How do “stars” work?

      After the purchase is completed and you have tried your meal, you can award the Chief with the appropriate number of stars. One star is the lowest grade; five stars is the highest.

      ☆ Never Again!
      ☆☆ Not bad
      ☆☆☆ Good
      ☆☆☆☆ Splendid
      ☆☆☆☆☆ Spectacular!

      On Chef’s profile, you can see the average of all the notes given, so it is easier for you to find the perfect Chef.

    2. How do reviews work?

      After the purchase is completed and you have tried your meal, you can (and should!) write a comment. The review may contain maximum up to 500 words. The stars and reviews are visible on the Chef’s profile and are very important for us, as they help us control the Chef’s quality.

    3. Can I respond to the comment?

      Yes, you can respond to the comment. To do it, you need to click the “Reviews” and write your answer. It will be publicly shown.

    4. Can I delete a comment?

      Once you made or obtained a comment, you cannot delete it but you can publicly respond to it. Quertes does not censor, edit or delete any comments. However, if the comment contains any prohibited activities, please inform us immediately. We do not accept breaking our “Terms and Conditions”, as well as breaking the law.

  11. Receipt
    1. How does receipt work?

      The pickup takes place a location appointed by the Chef while creating an offer. After the purchase is accepted, the Foodie will have access to the map with the address of the pickup. There is also navigation option. To confirm that the order is in your hands, you will get the order code and QR code which are to be shown to the Chef while receiving your order.

    2. QR Code

      You need a QR to receive your order. Under the QR code is your transaction code, which entitles you to receive your order. The QR scanner is already a part of our Application, so you don’t need to download a different one.

    3. The orders code

      The order’s code is the six-digit numerical code that you will receive after the purchase is accepted and made. We will send you a code via our App and on your e-mail address. You need to use that code and show it to the Chef to receive and confirm your order.

    4. To collect your order you don’t need to show both Codes. For your convenience you have a possibility to choose one or the other.

  12. Privacy and cookies
    1. We only use your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy

  13. Prohibited actions:
    1. advertising to buy or sell any products or services, not authorized by Quertes;

    2. any criminal activities, including racism, drug dealing, obscene materials, fraud;

    3. Stalking, harassment or spamming;

    4. Using any information obtained from Quertes in order to contact, advertise and sell to any other user;

    5. using the hate speech, attacking other users or Quertes staff on the basis of gender, religion, sexual orientation, race, disability or origin;

    6. activities that are harmful to minors;

    7. using the username of another user;

    8. actions that are libelous, false, or intentionally misleading.

You agree that you are solely responsible for your User Content.