Hi, this is Quertes! And here we’re gonna just share our story!

Who are we?

We are a group of people obsessed with food! This passion for food has led us to create Quertes – an online platform created to change the food industry. So…What do we do? We bring together Chefs and Foodies to share homemade food! Every Chef on Quertes has an opportunity to share their delicious food and build their very own restaurant as the Chef and the Chief. And every Foodie is able to enjoy delicious meals, try new things and break their everyday routine!

Our story

Well, like many of you, we got sick and tired of ordering the same, boring food to the office day in and day out. Despite how close that restaurant was, it was missing something. We wanted something more, something different, something HOMEMADE. With that simple idea, we created Quertes and we are pretty sure we are not the only ones who are bored with food from nearby restaurants. Our year long journey has taken us thousands of brainstorming sessions, countless sleepless nights, all in the hope of creating the perfect food sharing platform. We are proud of what Quertes has become and hope you think so too!

What’s more, we really love food. We are both- Foodies and Chefs. We love to cook, bake, try, discover new flavors, travel and try more. We wondered- why can’t we have it all? So that’s why there is Quertes- because we want to have and give you all.

Our philosophy

While developing Quertes, we immediately recognized the need for alternatives to food delivery. Every day we order the same meals from the same restaurants – and as much as we want to cook we simply don’t have enough time. With Quertes we want to give people a choice. With Quertes you will find every type of cuisine and be able to try new things. So our idea is Quertes to be everywhere. Near to your work, home or house you are renting on vacations. So Quertes gives an alternative.

But what about the ability to create jobs? With Quertes, people who love cooking and are great at it can share their passion and make some extra money. And what’s more important- it’s completely on their own terms. Chefs set their own food prices and cook whenever they want. There’s no pressure. It’s a great opportunity for working moms, pensioners, or for people looking for an extra job. Best of all they can spend their time doing something they love- cooking. So Quertes gives jobs.

And we all hate doing something we don’t like. We get tired of working in an environment that is not good for us. But work is work- sometimes difficult to change. So maybe, we thought, it’s time to start doing something we love! If you are obsessed with cooking, you do it really great and see that your friends or family can’t wait to try what you’ve cooked- Quertes is a place for you. We always say- success is doing something you love! We do it, so can you. So Quertes helps live your passion.

Do you know, how many food is wasted? Every year, consumers waste an enormous amount of food (222 million tons) (FAO. Org). The numbers are really big. So how many times did you throw away leftovers or unused ingredients? So it came to us: wouldn’t it better to use it all, prepare some extra servings and share it with others on Quertes? And of course with food, we also waste our money. So Quertes can make a planet a better place.

Moreover, we saw also a different aspect of Quertes. We realized that this is a place, when we can gather all the food lovers in one place and build a fantastic community of mix cultures and flavours. A place, where every cook, baker and gourmet could fit in. So Quertes connects people.

Our idea of sharing

We’ve noticed, that sharing is becoming more and more popular every day. People share cars, apartments, houses, time, services or clothes. The sharing economy becomes one of our times trends and an important segment of the market. But sharing food is not so common. Why is that? We shouldn't be afraid of that! In the matter of fact, when we think about it, we share food a lot. We share lunches with our co-workers or make sandwiches for our child’s friends. Kids selling lemonade on the streets. Visiting our friends or family and bringing some food. Moving to a new place and throwing the welcoming party. In Quertes we also buy food from real people, who sometimes happen to be our neighbors. We can read about them, find out their stories, and meet them. We know, that they cook and sell exactly the same things their family had for dinner, so they put their soul and heart into it. And this, particularly this component, makes food so amazing. So seeing so many advantages of our project, we decided to change the way of looking at food sharing. We built a transparent Application and our goal is food sharing to become a trendy thing all over the world! By looking at how Quertes might help so many people and give so much fun and joy and awesome flavors, we are sure that we will achieve our goal. We hope, that you will help us with it!

Just share eat!